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Types of finned tubes

November 17, 2023

Latest company news about Types of finned tubes

Types of finned tubes


Finned tubes can be divided into the following types: square finned tubes, spiral finned tubes, longitudinal finned tubes, etc., spiral serrated finned tubes, and inner finned tubes can be divided into single-metal finned tubes and bimetallic composite finned tubes according to whether the finned material of the finned tube is consistent with the quality of the tube. Steel finned radiators are a more widely used type of thermal energy device in air and liquid heat exchangers. It enhances heat transfer by adding fins to the general base tube. Steel pipes can be used for base pipes; stainless steel pipes; copper pipes, etc. Steel strips, stainless steel strips, copper strips, round finned tubes, aluminum strips and so on can also be used for fins. Fin radiators can be divided into winding, stringing, welding, and rolling in the fin structure type. At this stage, the more widely used is the steel-aluminum composite finned tube, which uses the compressive resistance of the steel tube and the thermal conductivity of aluminum.


Finned tubes are commonly used in power, chemical and other industries, and many spiral heat exchange surfaces or threaded tubes can be attributed to finned tubes. It has a significant effect on expanding heat transfer and promoting turbulence, whether it is a single counter-flow heat transfer or phase change convective heat transfer. The structure of the finned tube heat exchanger is basically the same as that of the general shell and tube heat exchanger. It is just that the finned tube is used instead of the light tube as the heat transfer surface. Finned tube heat exchangers are also often used to heat or cool the air outside the tube, and also pass steam or water into the tube, such as air coolers, boiler economizers, radiators, etc.


Among these types of finned tubes, the monolithic finned tube is a unique design. It uses a new type of fusion technology that can effectively carry different process requirements. The production process of this finned tube is cumbersome and complex, requiring multiple processes, but it can produce excellent heat transfer results.


The finned tubes are operated by high-frequency welding process and scaly fins, so they should not be collided and extruded during installation, which will be easy to deform and even affect the heat dissipation effect. Because of the spiral distribution of finned tube scales, there will be some sediment and rust layer in long-term use, etc., we must clean and clean it in time.

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